Alexis Pamela

DEDICATION Alexis Pamela Dec.4, 1995. Although her time on earth was short, her memories remain in our hearts until the end of time.
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ISBN: 9781694839992 Book – “Men and Ladies of Honor”
Horse and Cattle Ranch In Helena Montana
Wyatt Antoinette and Alexis Pamela Story

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Horse and Cattle Ranch In Helena Montana
Wyatt Antoinette and Alexis Pamela Story
The Gun Club

Wyatt, Antoinette, and Alexis join a Gun Club. They would go to the Gun Club once a week, Alexis would go four times a week. Wyatt liked skeet shooting. Antoinette liked the rifle range. Alexis liked the shotgun, rifle, and pistol. Alexis became a master at all three. Alexis would be the youngest security guard at the gun club. Alexis had a good eye and nerves of steel; she wouldn’t flinch when she shot.
Alexis gave Wyatt a safety violation ticket. Even though Wyatt’s shotgun was broke-open, the safety switch was not on-off. Get three of these tickets, and you would be suspended from the Gun Club for 30 days. Wyatt’s buddies would tease Wyatt about this. Alexis said sorry Dad rules are rules.
Security guards had to have a concealed gun permit. Alexis was the youngest person ever to have a concealed gun permit.
Alexis and two of her friends were at the diner having lunch. Alexis asked her friend if he had enough money to buy the new rifle he wanted? No. Alexis said I’ve got an idea. See those soldiers over there having lunch? They have Sharpshooter Badges on their uniform. Let’s challenge them to a shootout. Taylor, how much money do you have for your gun? I have $700. Vicki, how much do you have? I have $150.00, And I have $200. Taylor, how much is the gun? $2,000. Great, we’ll have enough.
Alexis, they are sharpshooters they’ve got to be good. Yeah, I know all we must do is stay with them, and I’ll take them on the long shot. Great idea, Alexis. Alexis gathered the money together. They walked over to the table where the soldiers were. Alexa says we are sharpshooters at the gun club. We’d like to challenge you to a shootout. The soldier said get out of here kid we don’t have time to play games. Alexis laid the $1,000 on the table. Does this look like I’m playing games? The soldier says you’re on let’s go…. CONTINUE READING