“Ignorance Leads To Fear, Fear Leads To Hatred, And Hatred Leads To Violence. This Is The Equation.” ~ Ibn

Knowledge is power and applied knowledge is freedom.

Intelligence is about brainpower, whereas rational thinking is about control. Critical thinking skills are more important than IQ. Having a creative mind is not the same as intelligence. An individual can be far more creative than he or she is intelligent, or far more intelligent than creative. Applying the conventional thinking strategies of creative geniuses will make you more creative in your work and personal life.

Build Your Book
In this step-by-step video guide, we walk you through formatting a paperback manuscript in Microsoft Word. The information is specific to the 2016 version of Word, but the steps are similar in most versions. → Click Here

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Pantser Not a Plotter

What does it mean to be a pantser? Essentially it means you like to “fly by the seat of your pants” to write a novel. ie: not a plotter or outliner. I’m covering 7 signs that might clue you in to the fact that you are not meant to be an outliner or plotter. Join the dark side! Pantsing is fun!

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Four Types Of Writing

There Are Four Main Types Of Writing: Expository, Descriptive, Persuasive, and Narrative

Writers who use the narrative style are telling a story with a plot and characters. It’s the most common writing style for fiction, although nonfiction can also be narrative writing as long as its focus is on characters, what they do, and what happens to them. Narrative writing tells a story.
Writers use the expository style when they are trying to explain a concept. Expository writing is fact-based and doesn’t include the author’s opinions or background. It’s basically giving facts from the writer to the reader.
Descriptive writing is, as you may guess when the author describes something. The writer could be describing a place, person, or object, but descriptive writing will always include lots of details so the reader can get a clear and complete idea of what is being written about.
When you’re trying to persuade the reader to think a certain way or do a certain thing, you’ll use persuasive writing to try to convince them. Your end goal could be to get the reader to purchase something you’re selling, give you a job, give an acquaintance of yours a job, or simply agree with your opinion on a topic.

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Quickbooks 2020 – Reconcile Your Bank Account

Quickbooks 2020 – Reconcile Bank Account to Bank Statement

Quickbooks 2020 – Chart of Accounts

Quickbooks 2020 – Enter Credit Card Charges, Reconcile

Quickbooks 2020 – Enter Credit Card ChargesEnter Credit Cards

Quickbooks 2020 – Simon Sez IT

The Quickbooks University – Quickbooks Training

QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020 Tutorial

New Features – Tutorial

Quickbooks 2020 – Candus Kampfer

Quickbooks 2020 – Set Up Vendors

Quickbooks 2020 – How to Enter Bills

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Make Your Book More Discoverable with Keywords

To make your book easier to find on Amazon, you need keywords that accurately portray your book’s content and reflect the words customers will use when they search. Along with factors like sales history and Amazon Best Sellers Rank, relevant keywords can boost your placement in search results on Browse the topics below to learn more.
Keywords and CategoriesClick Here

01.) Mexican-American
02.) Inspirational Fiction
03.) Romantic
04.) Science Fantasy
05.) Tortured English
06.) General Fiction
07.) Fantasy
Search keywords help readers find your book when they browse the Amazon site. You can enter keywords or short phrases that describe your book and are relevant to its content. The best keywords are those that do not repeat words in the title, category, or description, as these are already used to help readers find your book. Some types of keywords are prohibited and may result in content being removed from sale. Learn more about KDP’s keyword rules.

01.) Fiction > Action & Adventure
02.) Fiction > Hispanic & Latino
A browse category is the section of the Amazon site where users can find your book. Think of the browse category like the sections of a physical bookstore (fiction, history, and so on). You can select up to two browse categories for your book. Precise browse categorization helps readers find your book, so be sure to select the most appropriate categories for your book.

Write A Kick-Butt Blurb → Click Here

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Paperback Interior Formatting

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