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Book Cover, Artist/Designer Wanted.

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The front, back, and spine will be a Martian landscape background. The front cover will have a center image. The name of the book is above the image. The author’s name is below the image. Fourteen thumbnail images are placed on the front cover that blends in with the Martian background. (I need some help with this) For the fonts, I want you to use your professional judgment.

Front Cover Image

The name of the image is “The Key To Heaven’s Gate.”

Image one is eternity.
Image two is across.

Use your skills. Create a new image. These are samples for you to work with to give you an idea. Image one well start at the bottom of the cross and go almost to the handle.

Human Head Images. (see samples)

Not a lot of detail keep it simple. Try to stay away from shadows. Keep all images the same size. I don’t want the images in a box. I want them to blend in with the Martian background.  Keep the name with an image.

01. Samuel: (21years old) Scientist. the highest score on the IQ test. Distinguished engineer and inventor.

02. Hannah: (19years old) A female Android. Hannah looks exactly like a human. She wears her wavy hair in a ponytail and freckles on her cheeks.

03. Rachel: (18 years old) Jewish, beautiful. Long, wavy black hair and deep green eyes.

04. Christian: (40years old) English Christian minister.

05. Jimmy: (21years old) Your average good-looking young married American.

06. Eli (33years old) Black man. 6’7″, 265 pounds.

07. Amelia:(12 years old) Mild autism.

08. Steve: (24 years old) Your average white 24-year-old male.

09. Arthur: (16 years old) Your average white 16-year-old male.

10. Eagle: (18 years old) Hungarian patriot fighting in civil war.

11. Destinee: (18 years old) beautiful young American.

12. Michael: (23years old) handsome white 23-year-old male.

13. Leroy: (73years old) a Christian holy man.

14. Molly (21years old) is a beautiful Mexican girl.

The spine Book title, (authors name, maybe)

Back cover: Preface, barcode label.

I want to see a sample of the 14 thumbnails. I want to OK each one.

I want to OK the Martian landscape image. I’m going to be particular about the color. I want something like a burnt orange.

Once the cover is uploaded book is published with no glitches, and payment will be made.

Weird like to see some of your work and references. Open for bids. Start at $250.00 End $300.00.

Thumbnail samples

Do not use these images I do not own them they’re only four examples