Chapter and Subchapter

Side By Side. Science and Religion: The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God. Ideas about the relationship between science and religion.

Chapter 1
The Ranch
The Pastor
Kyle And Joann
Leroy And Kyle

Chapter 2
Samuel Wins Third Prize
Angela Merkel

Chapter 3
Samuel Creates an Android
Hannah’s Identity
Hannah’s Strength

Chapter 4
Samuel’s Goals For Humanity
New York Science Conference

Chapter 5
Samuel and Hannah’s Friends
Colton And Nevaeh
We Need To Talk
Colton Growing Up
Nevaeh’s Mother And Father

Chapter 6
Dawn A Family Member
Marie A Family Member
Rachel A Family Member

Chapter 7
The Barbeque Party
Tom And Sally At The Party
Margaret And Jim At The Party
Samuel And Hannah Leave
The Drive Home

Chapter 8
Samuel’s Gift

Chapter 9
Rachel’s Gift
Rachel And Lucy In China
Rachel And Lucy In Russia
Rachel And Lucy In Israel
Rachel Meets Leon

Chapter 10
Richard’s Gift

Chapter 11
Jimmy’s Gift

Chapter 12
Eli’s Gift
Why Eli Is In Prison
Eli Is Released From Prison
The Basketball Game
Three Rocks Two Fingers And A Splash Of Water
Ruby Dee
Eli Meets Rachel And Lucy
Eli’s Bank Account

Chapter 13
Amelia’s Gift
Amelia And Robert

Chapter 14
Steve’s Gift

Chapter 15
Arthur’s Gift
Noah And Ariana
Arthur (Art)
Arthur (Art), Alexander (Alex), And Sarah
Alex’s Bodyguard Is Homosexual

Chapter 16
Eagle’s Gift
Diane Test Positive
Lompoc California
Diane’s Mother Dies
Earnest, Sachihiro, And Rabbie
The Surrender
The Reconstruction Of Hungry

Chapter 17
Destinee’s Gift
The 1st Convention
The 2nd Convention
The 3rd Convention
The 4th Convention
The 5th Convention

Chapter 18
Michael’s Gift
Michael Is A Poor Kid
Gracie Is A Rich Kid
Final Baseball Game

Chapter 19
Leroy’s Gift

Chapter 20
Molly’s Gift

Chapter 21
Yellow Ore
Orange Ore

Chapter 22
Michael Sets Up Mars
Madison Sets Up Mars
Beams And The Sheets

Chapter 23
Asteroids Heading For Mars
Narendra Modi Helps

Chapter 24
Michael Takes A Break
Meeting With Molly
Meeting With Orbit

Chapter 25
Samuel And Hannah’s Life On Earth Ends
Thirteen Books Of Hannah

Side By Side | Science and Religion