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  1. Samuel: Gifted-Human. Scientist. Married to Hannah. C/1.
  2. Uncle Karl: Samuel’s Uncle. C/1.
  3. Aunt Hannah: Samuel’s Aunt. C/1.
  4. Kyle and Joann: Homeless man and his wife Joann. C/1.
  5. Leroy: Gifted-Human. Laura’s grandfather. Holy man. C/1.
  6. Angela Merkel: Chancellor of Germany. C/2.
  7. Android: Robot with a human appearance. C/2.
  8. Lord: Creator of the universe. The savior of mankind. C/3.
  9. God: Creator and ruler of the Universe. C/1.
  10. Hannah: Super-Android. Married to Samuel. C/3.
  11. Super-Humans: Gifted Human. C/2.
  12. Super-Androids: Android with a conscience. C/2.
  13. Religion: Inspirational and spiritual encompasses a diverse collection of material that includes both fiction and nonfiction. C/4.
  14. Colton: Married to (Mary deceased). Married to Nevaeh. Dawn, Rachel, Marie’s Father. C/5.
  15. Nevaeh: Colton’s second marriage. Dawn, Rachel, and Marie’s stepmother. C/5.
  16. Jasper: Owner of Jerry’s BBQ Pit. C/5.
  17. Jerry: Jasper’s stepfather. C/5.
  18. Beau and Bonnie: Colton’s friends. Owners of a ranch. C/5.
  19. Nancy: Waitress at Jerry’s BBQ Pit. The matchmaker. C/5.
  20. Dawn: (Bills deceased) and (Barbara deceased) daughter. Colton and Nevaeh’s stepdaughter. Married to Russell. C/5.
  21. Rachel: Gifted-Human. Colton’s stepdaughter. Married to Leon. C/5.
  22. Marie: Colton and Mary’s daughter. Married to Toby. C/5.
  23. Russell: Doctor Russell’s son. Married to Dawn. C/5.
  24. MSG-5682: Colton’s birth name. C/5.
  25. Tom: Bill, Colton, and Margaret’s foster brother. Married to Sally. C/5.
  26. Bill: (deceased). Tom, Colton, and Margaret’s foster brother. Married to (Barbara deceased). C/5.
  27. Margaret: Tom, (Bill deceased) and Colton’s foster sister. Married to Jim. C/5.
  28. Bill Spencer: Police officer. C/5.
  29. Mary: (deceased) Colton’s wife. Marie’s mother. C/5.
  30. Grandmother Dawn: (Barbara’s deceased) grandmother. C/6.
  31. Barbara: (deceased) Married to (Bill deceased). Dawn’s mother. C/6.
  32. Ghetto: A part of a city in which members of a minority group live. C/6.
  33. Doctor Russell and wife: Russell’s mother and father. Pastor. Dawn’s mother and father-in-law. C/6.
  34. Danny: (deceased) Soldier in the U.S. Army. In love with Marie. C/6.
  35. Romeo: Soldier in the U.S. Army. C/6.
  36. Nick: Danny’s older brother. C/6.
  37. Anne: Nick’s wife. C/6.
  38. Anne: Sarah’s private secretary and bodyguard. C/15.
  39. Judy: Danny’s high school sweetheart. C/6.
  40. UMC-945: Margaret and Jim’s adopted son Colton Junior. C/6.
  41. Jim: Married to Margaret. C/6.
  42. Toby: Married to Marie. C/6.
  43. Rachel Levi: Rachel’s mother. C/6.
  44. Sally: Married to Tom. C/7.
  45. Connie: Sally’s daughter. Tom’s stepdaughter. C/7.
  46. Mac: Tom’s friend. C/7
  47. Jesus: The Incarnation of God. C/7.
  48. Bill Robinson: Bojangles. C/7.
  49. Jimmy: Gifted human. Uses 100% of his brain. C/7.
  50. Jimmy: Pastor. Debbie and Diane’s father. C/16.
  51. CIA: Central Intelligence Agency. C/7.
  52. Lucy: Rachel’s Super-Android. C/9.
  53. Artificial Intelligent Android: Android. C/9.
  54. Xi Jinping: President of China. C/9.
  55. Putin: President of Russia. C/9.
  56. Chaviva Levi: Married to Benjamin Levi. Rachel’s sister-in-law. C/9.
  57. Benjamin Levi: Rachel’s father. C/9.
  58. Benjamin Levi: Rachel’s older brother. C/9.
  59. Joseph Levi: Rachel’s younger brother. C/9.
  60. Adina Levi: Rachel’s Aunt. C/9.
  61. Benjamin Netanyahu: Prime Minister of Israel. C/9.
  62. Leon: Rachel’s husband. C/9.
  63. Richard: Gifted-Human. President of Institute of Theology and Technology. C/10.
  64. Christian: Richard’s Super-Android. C/10.
  65. Johnny Dawson: Founder of how to develop your brain to 100%. C/11.
  66. Eli: Gifted-Human. Married to Ruby Dee. C/12.
  67. Ruby Dee: Eli’s Super-Android. Married to Eli. C12.
  68. Jamal: Stepson of Alicia. C/12.
  69. Ebony: Stepdaughter of Alicia. C/12
  70. Alicia: Jamal and Ebony’s stepmother. C/12
  71. Amelia: Gifted-Human. Rebecca’s daughter. C/13
  72. Rebecca: Amelia’s mother. C/13
  73. Robert: Amelia’s Super-Android. C13.
  74. Steve: Gifted-Human. Steve is an Analyst. C/14.
  75. Doctor Fritz Albert. C/14
  76. Doctor Sergei. C/14
  77. Steve: Eagle lawyer friend. C/17
  78. Ebonee: Steve’s daughter. C/17
  79. Doctor Peterson: Clinical psychologist and a professor of psychology. C/14
  80. Benny: Steve’s Super-Android. C14.
  81. Noah: Married to Ariana. Arthur and Alexander’s father. C/15.
  82. Ariana: Married to Noah. Arthur and Alexander’s mother. C/15.
  83. Mother Ruth: Ariana’s friend. C/15.
  84. Jonathan: Ariana’s father. C/15.
  85. Margie: Ariana’s mother. C/15.
  86. Mark: Owner of the house Ariana was house-sitting for. C/15.
  87. Susie: Owner of the house Ariana was house-sitting for. C/15.
  88. Lucas: Noah’s brother. C/15.
  89. Jessica: Noah’s sister-in-law. C/15.
  90. Arthur: Art. Gifted-Human. Noah and Ariana’s son. C/15.
  91. Timothy: Professor of Philosophy. C/15.
  92. Andy: Mathematics Professor. C/15.
  93. Alexander: Alex. Noah and Ariana’s son. C/15.
  94. Sarah: Arthur and Alexander’s friend. C/15.
  95. Bob: Arthur’s Super-Android. C15.
  96. Trevor: Alexander’s Super-Android. C15.
  97. Anne: Sarah’s Super-Android. C15.
  98. Eagle: Gifted-Human. Hungarian Patriot. C/16.
  99. Debbie: Diane’s older sister. Married to Rabbie. C/16.
  100. Diane: Debbie’s younger sister. Married to Eagle. C/16.
  101. Terry: Debbie’s high school sweetheart. C/16.
  102. Billy Szalay: Hungarian Patriot. C/16.
  103. Jimmy: Debbie and Diane’s father. C/16.
  104. Cynthia: (deceased) Debbie’s college roommates. C/16.
  105. Marguerite: Debbie’s college roommates. C/16.
  106. Earnest: Marguerite’s boyfriend. C/16.
  107. Sachihiro: (Cynthia’s deceased) boyfriend. C/16.
  108. Rabbie: Debbie’s boyfriend. C/16.
  109. Mike: (Cynthia’s deceased) father, U. S. Army General Macintosh Retired. C/16.
  110. Marie: (Cynthia’s deceased) mother. C/16.
  111. Paul Kray: Hungarian Patriot General. C/16.
  112. Billy: Piloting the helicopter drones. C/16.
  113. MS13: MS-13, is an international criminal gang. C/16.
  114. Samu: Eagle’s Super-Android. C/16.
  115. Destinee: Gifted-Human. Married to Brayden. C/17.
  116. Liz: Destinee’s mother. C/17.
  117. Brayden: Married to Destinee. C/17
  118. Isabella: Destinee’s Super-Android. C/17.
  119. Michael: Gifted-Human. Engineer. Married to Gracie. Noel’s father. C/18.
  120. Jessie: Michael and Charlotte’s foster brother. C/18.
  121. Charlotte: Michael and Jessie’s foster sister. C/18.
  122. Baozhai: Engineering Professor. Chinese University. C/18.
  123. Friedrich: Engineering Professor. German University. C/18.
  124. Connor: Engineering Professor. MIT University. C/18.
  125. Gracie: Married to Michael. Noel’s mother. C/18.
  126. Madison: Gracie’s older sister. C/18.
  127. Mila: Gracie’s younger sister. C/18
  128. Keri Russell: American actress. C/18
  129. William: Gracie’s father. C/18.
  130. Sylvia: Gracie’s mother. C/18.
  131. Charlie: William’s Army buddy. C/18.
  132. Noel: Michael and Gracie’s daughter. Named after Michael’s Army friend. C/18.
  133. Gilbert: (Deceased.) Army soldier. C/18.
  134. Noel: (Deceased.) Michael’s Army buddy. C/18.
  135. Leroy: Gifted-Human. Holy Man. Laura’s grandfather. C/19.
  136. Holy Spirit: The divine Spirit of God. C/19.
  137. Laura: Button. Leroy’s granddaughter. Author of the 13 books of Hannah. C/19.
  138. Ted: Laura’s father. C/19.
  139. Teresa: Laura’s nurse. C/19.
  140. Sherry: The doctor’s wife. C/19
  141. Molly: Gifted-Human. Blessed Woman. C/20.
  142. Billy: Molly’s husband. C/20.
  143. Mindy: Engineering students made an important discovery.C/21.
  144. Joey: Engineering students made an important discovery.C/21.
  145. Tyler: Astronomer that discovered the Asteroid. C/21.
  146. Johan: Gracie’s younger sister Mila’s husband.C/22.
  147. Andy: Android with a moral compass. C/22.
  148. Liu Huaqing: Chinese Astronaut. C/23.
  149. Viktor Barannikov: Russian Astronaut. C23.
  150. Narendra Modi: Prime Minister of India. C/23.
  151. Globules: Dark cloud of matter. Living organs. C/23.
  152. Adam and Eve: Adam and Eve were the first man and woman. C/23.
  153. Eaton: Noel’s Martian friend. C/24.
  154. Orbit: Martian-Humans. C/21.
  155. MartianHumans: Humans. C/24
  156. MartianAndroid: Android. C/24
  157. Satan: A devil is the personification of evil. C/19.
  158. Lucifer: A devil is the personification of evil. C/25.
  159. Gabriel: An Archangel is an angel of high rank. C/25.
  160. Anita: The mother of Hannah’s adopted daughter. C/25.

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