Climate Change

Climate Change. Global Warming? YES. Ice Age? NO.

After this month, in February 2021, Texans will be rethinking Climate Change. Climate Change is here. What we don’t need is another Ice Age. But what we do need is Global Warming. Why? We need Global Warming to happen slowly on planet Earth so are human bodies can adapt to a warming planet. I’m not sure what all human bodies will have to adjust to. Still, I know the more we adapt to the Cosmos, the better chance Human Conscience has of surviving in the Cosmos. Human bodies in time will adapt to their environment.  If our human bodies try to live in the Cosmos right now, we will have a hell of a time. We need bodies that are somewhat adapted to the harshness of the cosmos.

Humans need to be a multi Planet (O’Neill cylinder) species. The only way Human Conscience will survive. Everybody should know that the planet Earth somehow will be destroyed by a meteorite by a volcanic eruption like Yellowstone or a pandemic. Read the handwriting on the wall, look what happened to the dinosaurs. That should be a wake-up call to humanity. With a little luck, Earth will eventually look like the planet Mars. Humans do not need to live on a planet. Planets are our source of raw materials. Humans need to build O’Neill cylinders to live on. The only safe place for Human Conscience to survive. If for some reason, something like a Neutron Star wood enters our solar system, it would destroy everything in it, all of the planets, and our sun. You cannot escape a Neutron Star or a Black Hole. Eventually, one has Earth’s name on it. If humans were living on an O’Neill cylinder and a Neutron Star were coming our way, we would have to move the O’Neill cylinder. We don’t need our solar system.

Scientists need to stop wasting time looking for Earthlike planets in life on other planets. Let me in-light and you. There is life on other planets. But what there isn’t, is a Human Conscience. Human Conscience is what scientists are looking for and other planets. They think if they can find Human Conscience on another planet, this will prove there is no God. Scientists have a plan to prove there’s no God. They are wasting valuable time. I suggest scientists read my book Side-by-Side. the 1st and 2nd printing. For decades religion in science has been at each other’s throats. When and only wind scientists and faith come together, will humanity survive? Humans will also need androids. Humans and androids will have to work together. In my book Side-by-Side, I explained how this is done.

We need to build three O’Neill cylinders twenty miles long and five miles wide on Mars. That will accommodate 1,000,000 humans in each O’Neil cylinder.  Not to make all three cylinders at the same time. We need to space them. While we are stripping planetoids of their raw materials to build these O’Neil cylinders, we will find other materials that will be more adaptable for our needs than what we will be using. I will call these new materials orange ore and yellow ore, Marvelousrock.

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