Dr Jordan B Peterson

Learn to write because writing is thinking formalized.

First, you need a problem. A problem that grips you so that you feel a desire to investigate. The next thing you need to do is have something to say about the issue. And reading is brilliant for that. You should read as much as you can about how to address the problem you have.

Now you have new information at your disposal, and it’s your job to elegantly formulate that – while being precise in your word choice. You then organize your sentences correctly. And your paragraphs. Hopefully, now the whole thing is coherent enough to make sense.

While this is happening, you are sharpening your tools and integrating your personality at the highest and most abstract level of organization. You’re learning to think. And you improve your ability to think by learning to write. Pick some severe problems and learn to write very, very carefully.

If you are a competent writer, speaker – communicator – you have all of the authority and competence that there is.

Source: Maps of Meaning 6 (2017): Story and Metastory (Part 2).

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