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  • The Fourteen Books Of Hannah
  • Singing Frogs Village


The Fourteen Books Of Hannah (Science Fiction Adventures)
For many years science and religion have been pulling further and further apart. Human Conscience, Theology, and Philosophy are central to bringing science and religion together.
Religious, inspirational, and spiritual encompasses a diverse collection of fiction and nonfiction material.
Multiple stories will bring together a group of outstanding and intelligent men, women, and children who will conquer interstellar space travel and Artificial Intelligence.
Three twenty miles long and five miles wide Generation-Spaceships will take three million passengers to an earthlike planet thousands of light-years from Earth.
Moral Philosophy, Philosophical, Theology test.

Singing Frogs Village (Hispanic, Fiction, Romantic, Action, and Adventure)
Doña Marina and Cortés,’ Marina bore Cortés’ a son, Martín, the first mixed-blood Mexican. Emma could trace her family heritage back to Doña Marina and Cortés’.
This novel is about the struggle of men and ladies of honor to stay honorable. The story takes place mainly in Mexico, in a small village struggling to survive. How honorable men and women reflect on other men and women and how they affect their lives. How a small village discovers its hidden treasures. And how evil situations try to take it all away. How an old Catholic Mission in the Village is a big part of the Village’s success and its people. Because of its steadfast commitment to doing the right thing for the Village and its people over the years. How men and ladies of honor restore the honor of the Apache Indians that were the original inhabitants of the Village. How the drug lords try to take over the Village and its people. And the significant battles that take place. And how a major forest fire almost destroys the Village and the surrounding villages.
How the Men and women of the Village risk their lives to save their village. How the Judge struggles to keep drugs and men and women of evil out of his Village. How the Village, San Gabriel Central Mexico became one of the major cities in Mexico. How the president of Mexico honors the Judge for his success. The Judge kept the Village simple; he would not let progress overrun the Village. The Village Catholic Mission was noted for its rose gardens. Visitors that visited the Rose Gardens and stayed for a few hours would smell like roses the rest of the day. The Village also became famous for its Mexican restaurant. Mariachis would play every day on the Main Street for tips.
How wealthy investors see investment opportunities. How Mexicans that left the village for a better life in the United States return because of the success of their Village. How honorable men and women restore the natural beauty of the Village. The Villages nickname was “Singing Frogs” because of the potholes filling up with water and frogs singing all night was replaced with red brick roads and red brick sidewalks throughout the Village. On the poor side of the Village, all the homes were remodeled with red brick and Spanish tile roofing, new lawns, rose plants, and fruit trees. In the Village, you could hear the Mariachis playing in the background and smell the roses in the breeze.

I live in a retirement community at the age of 83 years old. I have had a learning disability all my life, in which I was never inspired to read or write.
I’m not sure why I have taken such an interest in writing my books. Writing books of my own has always been the farthest from my mind.
I spent most of my school years staring out the classroom window. When I started high school, I was so far behind I quit school and went to work.
I never had any schooling in writing or editing. I have written and edited this book, text-to-speech speech-to-text software, and Grammarly’s writing enhancement program.