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For many years science and religion have been pulling further and further apart. Human Conscience, Theology, Philosophy being the central part of bringing science and religion together.

Religious, inspirational, and spiritual encompasses a diverse collection of material that includes both fiction and nonfiction.

Multiple stories will bring together a group of outstanding and intelligent men, women, and children who will conquer interstellar space travel and Artificial Intelligence.

Three 20 miles long and five miles wide Generation-Spaceships will take 1,000,000 passengers to an earthlike planet thousands of light-years from Earth. Moral Philosophy, Philosophical, Theology test:

Moral Philosophy, Philosophical, Theology test


I live in a retirement community at the age of 81 years old. I have had a learning disability all my life, in which I was never inspired to read or write.

I am not sure why I have taken such an interest in writing a book of my own. Writing a book of my own has always been the farthest from my mind.

I spent most of my school years staring out the classroom window. When I started high school, I was so far behind I quit school and went to work.

I never had any schooling in writing or editing. I have written and edited this book by myself, text to speech and speech to text software, and the writing enhancement program, Grammarly. Norman L. Bliss

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Norman L. Bliss (Author)

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