In approximately 2 months, you will get a letter from the Texas State Comptroller (the division responsible for tax-related items). This letter will instruct you on filing your Annual Franchise Tax Report, which all LLCs in Texas are required to file.
Annual Reporting and Taxes. Regarding the Annual Reporting requirements, your LLC is required to file 2 documents on a yearly basis.
The first is the Franchise Tax Report which is filed with the Texas State Comptroller, not the Corporation Section. The Corporation Section is the office in which you mail your LLC Formation Documents. Remember, the Texas State Comptroller is a division that handles tax related-items.
The second is a Public Information Report (or PIR) that must also be submitted with your Franchise Tax Report. These reports are not easy to complete. Even if your LLC does not generate revenue or have business activity within a given tax year, you will still be required to file this annual paperwork with the State. Tax Information For Filing